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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I think the goats are ill. Some of them. They still have that nagging cough, it never quite went entirely away, and now it's stronger again. And Flopsy has a touch of diarrhea and just doesn't seem like herself. She's not bright-eyed and bushy tailed, she's kind of slow and listless. Still eating fine, though and pushing her way up to the manger just like everybody else.

It's this damn wet. Why oh why didn't I listen to my dear old Dad and buy some ranchland in Arizona?


Spinner said...

Just to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Lemonade Stand Award, you can read about it on my blog.

Aimee said...

wow, that's awesome! I'm going to check it out right now. Thanks!

~ Denise ~ said...

omg, Aimee...you're nominated! So cool!!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I hope your goats get too feeling better soon! A product we use is Poly Serum, it contains antibodies for respiratory and stomach bugs and has helped get a few of our goats over a stubborn case of the "sniffles" when they did not have a temperature to warrant antibiotics. (Which we only try to use as a last resort). Poly Serum is not an antibiotic. Jeffers and Valley Vet has it.

I found your blog through Spinner's blog and I am glad I did. I have really enjoyed reading it today.

Aimee said...

thanks for the advice, and the comments, Shiloh! I'll look into Poly Serum.