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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowed in Again!

Unbelievable! Another seven or eight inches last night and still snowing like a mad bastard. When I went out to check on the animals, I was floundering around like a fish, wading through waist deep drifts. I have never seen this much snow in all my born days! Those are my front porch railings in the above picture, they are about chest height, so you can see how deep the drifts are. I absolutely hate to think about how much WATER there is going to be in a day or two when this all melts. It's warming up quick, up to 35 degrees now from a low of about 17 a few days ago, and they expect this snow to turn to rain any minute now.

And then freeze again, all over the roads, just in time for Christmas. Hooray, bumper cars!!!


~ Denise ~ said...

I've been watching the weather...crazy!! Sorry to hear your vacation didn't pan out - maybe sometime soon, eh?

Aimee said...

we're thinking in the early summer when the kids get out of school. It was a passport issue. Hope you had happy holidays!

~ Denise ~ said...

check out my blog ... www.cusmyle.blogspot.com for our current cross-country adventure. lol ;)