"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Littlest Billy Goat Gruff

Buddy is a purebred Boer, which is a meat goat. I have only two goats to breed this year: Xana, my big mean ugly LaMancha, and Flopsy, the girl-twin out of Iris, a purebred Nubian from excellent lines. Flopsy won't be ready to breed until December (she's too young, still) but Xana is ready now. 

Xana is my least favorite goat. She is fat, mean, and ugly. She butts the other goats and bosses them around, she jumps over every fence we own, even electric ones, and she is very hard to catch. She's not friendly, and I don't really want any more like her. That's why I decided to breed her to a Boer. Her babies will be meat, and I'll get the milk.

I know, I'm awful. But this is a farm, after all, and there are some hard realities to confront. One of them is, all baby goats are cute, but they don't all grow up into goats you want to keep. 

But the point may be moot. This buck we are leasing turned out to be a baby. They say he is nine months old, but I don't believe it. He's even smaller than Nutmeg and Flopsy, who are only five months old. And he's terrified of Xana. The first time he dared to try to sniff her nether regions, she turned on him and butted him all across the field. Bitch. 

I'm pretty sure she is in heat; she's more aggressive than usual and she has a puffy vulva and discharge. But she's not interested in any puny little baby billy. Maybe I need a cabron sazonado, a real rutting buck. (Ooh, out of context, that sounds bad.) 

Or maybe I should forget about little baby meat goats and just turn 150 pounds of nasty nanny into meat right now.