"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Monday, June 16, 2008

The story of easter weekend at Aimee's house.

Hi all, I'm sending you an e-mail I wrote to a friend, because reading over it, I realized it's funny. I guess it's been long enough now.

Dear K***,
oh PHEW!!!!! (wiping beads of sweat off forehead). I
> was so worried about J***, not knowing if chicken
> pox might be more dangerous for her because of her
> heart condition.
> You would absolutely not believe the weekend I've
> had. On Fridays my husband stays down in Seattle so
> he can work a long day Saturday, so I was by myself.
> I had 1) a dog who just had surgery, 2) a couple of
> kids with the sniffles (so I thought), and then 3)
> Rowan, my 14 year old, ate a kiwi fruit - which she
> has had before, mind you - and has an anaphylactic
> reaction. She's never had an allergic reaction to
> anything before. Suddenly, her face looks like an
> inner tube, she's totally flaming scarlet red, even
> the whites of her eyes, and she says "mom, I can't
> swallow right." I dump some liquid benadryl down her
> throat and call 911. Within ten minutes the house is
> full of firemen. They sent three ambulances. But the
> benadryl has kicked in, the swelling is going down,
> and I'm a nurse, so they say they don't have to take
> her in to ER. Shhesh. Okay, things are calming down,
> I'm getting the kids ready for bed, they are in the
> tub, Rowan is sacked out on the couch wheezing, and
> the post-surgery dog comes in with foam pouring out
> of his mouth, hacking and clawing at his face. At
> this point I want to just start running in circles
> with my hands up in the air. I haven't got the
> vaguest idea what I should do. I don't even know
> where there is a 24 hour vet hospital. The dog
> appears to be dying right in front of me, and I
> can't leave Rowan alone, even if I decided to chuck
> two naked toddlers into the car and peal out without
> a clue where I was headed. Thank god the dog
> suddenly chucks up a hair scrunchie and is instantly
> fine. It was midnight before my adrenaline level
> went down enough for me to sleep. Speaking of which,
> I need to get an epi-pen for Rowan.
> Then this morning, Paloma breaks out in spots and
> it's chicken pox. Well, the good news is I don't
> have to drive a hundred miles at the crack of dawn
> tomorrow to go have easter morning at my mom's
> house. We can have a nice leisurely breakfast right
> here at home.
> Here's hoping your easter is uneventful and peaceful
> and just the way you like it.
> aimee